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Industry news

Laser cutting to create a better life

Laser cutting technology, it sounds so special, ordinary people really do not understand what it means, only know that you can cut, but do not know what items can be cut, but also do not know how to cut. In fact, laser cutting technology has been integrated into our lives, as long as the heart to observe, you will find that laser cutting products everywhere, you can feel the change it brings to our life.

There are a variety of lampshades, such as the lamp at home, the chandelier in the living room, and the mini lamp on the dining table. Some are hollowed out, some are shell shaped, or are flowers...

In fact, these lampshade is not artificial carving, also is not the traditional carving technology carving, basically are cutting by laser cutting machine. Laser cutting machine can make the lampshade according to the shape of the design, determine where the hollow, where there are patterns, where to keep the original, so the processing of different shapes of the lampshade.

Our life is getting richer and richer, and when people are satisfied with food and clothing, people begin to pursue the life of fashion and individuality. The style of furniture is more and more, more and more special.

Like the Danish designer SOFIE Brunner designed this chair blush. The surface of the chair is made of hard aluminum shell, and the holes on the seat surface are treated with laser cutting technology, and then the soft cushion is added. The whole design combines tactile, sensory and visual artistic effects. Usually in the open-air Cafe sitting chair, in order to pursue individuality, also often use laser cutting technology, create new patterns and hollow effect.

    Add:No.188,West Zhennan Road,Libao Town Haian County,Nantong City,Jiangsu Province