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Company news

Cleaning method for guide rail of metal laser cutting machine

Every guide metal laser cutting machine are constantly in operation, so it must be regular cleaning and maintenance, reduce the wear of rail, because the rail for metal laser cutting machine is very important. If there are too many impurities on the guideway, it will not only reduce the precision of the cutting machine, but also cause damage to the lens of the laser cutting machine.

So, when we clean the laser cutting machine guide rail, what method should be adopted?

1, first of all, we want to fiber laser cutting machine rail on the more obvious stains and debris removal, should pay attention to don't put these pieces of material fell to the lens;

2, then, the metal laser cutting machine guide rail using a fine clean brush gently scrub, brush some of the smaller dust;

3, when these impurities are cleaned up, we can add special lubricating oil on the guide rail of the cutting machine, so as to avoid the damage of the guide rail due to the friction of impurities.

Metal laser cutting machine guide rail cleaning method is that, we must ensure that the cleaning can ensure that the laser guide lines are not affected by the fiber laser cutting machine, and reduce the damage probability of lens.

    Add:No.188,West Zhennan Road,Libao Town Haian County,Nantong City,Jiangsu Province