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Industry news

The core parts of laser cutting machine

As everyone knows, the laser cutting machine is composed of a variety of hardware device and a software operating system combination, reasonable collocation of hardware and software components of a complete and efficient laser cutting machine, all parts are independent of its mission, but one of the most important component is the sensor.

In the laser cutting process, so in order to improve the cutting quality, reduce waste, in the cutting head installed on some special sensors to ensure the cutting quality can produce stable and consistent, but also to increase security.

The displacement sensor can be divided into contact and non-contact two types, compared with contact sensor, non-contact sensor to ensure high resolution at the same time, with fast dynamic response, low lag error.

Non contact sensor, sometimes called proximity sensor applications, is the earliest proximity switch is object detection and sensitive probe close to a certain distance, given the switch signal, because it can be used for displacement of a moving object is measured, so this kind of sensor is also called a non-contact displacement sensor, displacement sensor used a magnetostrictive displacement sensor, eddy current displacement sensor, capacitive displacement sensor, displacement sensor, inductor.

    Add:No.188,West Zhennan Road,Libao Town Haian County,Nantong City,Jiangsu Province