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Focus affects the cutting accuracy of fiber laser cutters "return list"

Fiber laser cutting machine cutting quality factors -- the focus position adjustment, due to the large influence of laser power density on the cutting speed, the focal length of the option is more important. The laser beam after focusing spot size and focal length is proportional to the beam after after a short focal length lens, the spot size is very small, power the density at the focus is very high, very favorable for material cutting; but it is a very short focal depth adjustment margin is small, high speed cutting is generally applicable to thin materials. Due to the long focal length lens has the relatively wide focal depth, with enough power density to suitable for cutting thick workpiece.

After determining what use lens focal length of the relative position of focus and the surface of the workpiece to ensure cutting quality is very important. Because of the focus at the highest power density, in most cases, the focus position just in the cutting surface of the workpiece or slightly below the surface. Therefore, during the cutting process to ensure that the relative position of the workpiece is important and constant focus for cutting quality stable. Sometimes work due to poor cooling and lens heating due to focal length changes, so we need to adjust the focus position.

When the focus is in the best position, the kerf is the smallest and the efficiency is the highest, and the optimum cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine can achieve the best cutting results

In most applications, the focus of the beam should be adjusted just below the nozzle. The distance between the nozzle and the workpiece surface of the fiber laser cutter is about 1.5mm

    Add:No.188,West Zhennan Road,Libao Town Haian County,Nantong City,Jiangsu Province