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Company news

The application of mental laser cutting machine

Suitable for high precision cutting of all kinds of metal materials.

Machinable material

Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, Aluminum Alloy, galvanized plate, aluminum zinc plate, pickling plate, titanium plate and pipe cutting.

Applicable industry

Widely used in sheet metal processing, word making, advertising signs, high and low voltage electrical cabinet machine parts, kitchen utensils, car, machinery, metal crafts, saws, electric parts, glasses industry, spring film, circuit board, electric kettle, medical electronics, hardware, tools and other industries.


Various industries have made the following requirements for CNC laser cutting machines:

The car engine and body stamping production line has the characteristics of continuity, high efficiency and high reliability, process characteristics, the automobile industry can specialize auto parts and automotive industry exchanges jointly developed a series of complete sets of modular, flexible production line. The flexible production line to automobile engine cylinder block and cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, cam shaft, gear box hub workpiece processing as the object, to Francis produced rapid combination of reconfigurable module production line, grasp the function of evaluation, error tracing, quality control and management integration technology, the development of high speed precision CNC cutting machine, reliable performance. At the same time with high-speed reclaimer, auxiliary equipment such as having deburring function etc..

Hub processing of large ships concentrated in large power diesel engine base, frame, cylinder block, cylinder head, piston rod, crosshead, connecting rod, crankshaft, gear box, transmission shaft, rudder shaft and propeller hub, workpiece material for special alloy steel, general requirements for small batch processing, the processing rate of finished products 100%. Hub machining has the characteristics of large weight, complex shape, high accuracy and difficult to process. It is necessary to manufacture heavy and Super Heavy CNC cutting machines with large power, high reliability and multi shafts.

Power generation equipment hub workpiece weight, special shape, high precision, high processing difficulty, the price is expensive, such as pressure vessel of nuclear power plant unit weighing 400~500 tons, rotor single large turbine generator weighs more than 100 tons, requires reliable work for more than 30 years. Therefore, the numerical control cutting machine which is necessary for the manufacture of power equipment parts is characterized by large size, high rigidity and high reliability.

The typical components of the aviation industry are characterized by a large number of integrated thin-walled structures with complex shapes. In order to increase the maneuverability of the aircraft, increase payload and range, and reduce cost, lightweight design and extensive adoption of new lightweight materials are carried out. A large number of aluminum alloy, high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, high strength steel, composite material, engineering ceramics and so on. The thin wall parts and honeycomb parts with complex structure have complicated shapes, such as holes, holes, grooves, stiffeners, etc., and the process is poor in rigidity. According to the structural characteristics and processing of aviation industry processing requirements, cutting machine has enough rigidity, simple manipulation, man-machine interface, clear requirements, spline interpolation process average control requirements, in order to reduce the influence of corner machining accuracy, with on-line measurement simulation function

    Add:No.188,West Zhennan Road,Libao Town Haian County,Nantong City,Jiangsu Province