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Industry news

Maintenance and maintenance of bending machine

Before the maintenance or wiping of the machine, the upper die should be put on the lower die and shut down until the work is finished. If the machine needs to be switched on or operated, the mode should be chosen manually and ensure safety. Its maintenance contents are as follows:

1 、 hydraulic circuit

1) check the oil level of the tank every week. After the maintenance of the hydraulic system, check the oil level. The oil level is lower than the oil window, and the hydraulic oil should be filled;

2) the hydraulic oil used in this machine is ISO HM46 or MOBIL DTE25;

3) the new machine should be changed after 2000 hours. After 4000~6000 hours of work, the oil should be changed. Every time the oil is changed, the tank should be cleaned;

4) system oil temperature should be between 35 and 60 degrees, not more than 70 degrees, such as too high will lead to oil quality and parts deterioration damage.

2 filter

1) every time the oil is changed, the filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned;

2) machine tools are related to alarm or oil quality is not clean, and other abnormal filter, should be replaced;

3) the air filter on the tank is checked every 3 months, and it is best to be replaced for 1 years.

3. Hydraulic parts

1) clean hydraulic parts (substrates, valves, motors, pumps, tubing, etc.) every month to prevent dirt from entering the system and not using detergents;

2) the new machine after a month, check the tubing bending or deformation, such as abnormal should be replaced, after two months of use, all parts should be secured connection, this work should be shut down, the system without pressure.

    Add:No.188,West Zhennan Road,Libao Town Haian County,Nantong City,Jiangsu Province